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Recap of Town Meeting: May 8, 2023

Issue No. 17: Our recap of the Annual and Special Town Meeting on May 8 — 3.5 hours of mostly swift and unanimous passing of articles concerning the FY24 budget, wastewater, housing and first responders. The fish ladder at Pilgrim Lake and Veteran's Park Memorial drew passionate discussion.
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Preview of Town Meeting — May 8, 2023

Issue No. 16 — a preview of Town Meeting on May 8, 2023 — takes a closer look at the opening pages of the Warrant and how they offer a mini-Master Class in Municipal Finance as Orleans voters head into FY2024 with 66 Warrant articles to consider.
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Issue No. 14 — with so many crucial decisions ahead for Orleans voters, EXIT 89 takes a look at the Town Manager search, the Fire Station stalemate, the Nauset Building Project increases, the Governor Prence properties, Community Center study and short-term rental registration
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Preview of Special Town Meeting — Oct. 17, 2022

Issue No. 12: Thirty-six articles are under consideration at the Special Town Meeting, including Short-Term Rental registration, a petition to restrict the use of chemical fertilizers and an HVAC upgrade to OES. Plus, what is Free Cash? Read on . . .
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