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Recap of Town Meeting: October 16, 2023

Issue No. 21 — Our recap of Special Town Meeting on October 16, 2023. An alum treatment of Pilgrim Lake and the adoption of a Specialized Energy Code provoked the longest discussions. Two articles failed, including a design for pickleball courts on town-owned property.
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Preview of Special Town Meeting — October 16, 2023

Issue No. 20 — a preview of our fall Town Meeting — explains articles that propose reorganization at Town Hall, increased staffing at Fire & Rescue, funding a long-range Comprehensive Town Plan, and continue efforts to preserve and protect our natural environment.
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Preview of Town Meeting — May 8, 2023

Issue No. 16 — a preview of Town Meeting on May 8, 2023 — takes a closer look at the opening pages of the Warrant and how they offer a mini-Master Class in Municipal Finance as Orleans voters head into FY2024 with 66 Warrant articles to consider.
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Issue No. 14 — with so many crucial decisions ahead for Orleans voters, EXIT 89 takes a look at the Town Manager search, the Fire Station stalemate, the Nauset Building Project increases, the Governor Prence properties, Community Center study and short-term rental registration
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