Orleans is very close to having a new Town Manager.

The finish line is in sight.

Here’s where things stand: After a months-long, intensive search process, the field has been narrowed to four candidates. Tomorrow — Wednesday, April 12 — the entire Select Board will conduct public, one-hour, back-to-back interviews with each candidate in a special session beginning at 1 PM.

You can attend this session at Orleans Town Hall in person, or via Zoom, or you can watch it live on Channel 18. For the meeting’s agenda, the names of the four candidates, and the Zoom link, click here.

Tomorrow, the Select Board will decide if they're ready to nominate two candidates (in case of complications with the contract negotiations) or if they need to sleep on it. Another meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 13, where the Board members will either conclude the nominating process or go into Executive Session (a.k.a. Closed door meetings that are not public) to discuss contracts.

Watch your inbox. EXIT 89 will email you the final results!

Coming soon — our preview of Annual and Special Town Meeting. If you want to get a jump on it, the Warrant is available here — and will be in print form at Town Hall and inside the Cape Cod Chronicle on April 20.

Mark your calendars now: Town Meeting is May 8 at 6 PM inside the Nauset Regional Middle School Gym.

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